Our Story

Everything You Need to Know About Us

As all women do when pregnant for the first time, I read many books and articles about the "Do's and Don'ts" of pregnancy. One rule stuck out, "...discontinue use of anything that contained salicylic acid because it was not safe during pregnancy." But, of course all of my facial products contained this (as most do, because it helps clear acne). As a first time, soon-to-be mother, there was no way I was risking the health of my unborn child - so, out they went!


I started researching natural oils, cleansing agents and butters that would not only cleanse my skin, but keep it moisturized! I started making facial scrubs and moisturizers for myself. And you know what? People started to compliment me on my glow and youthfulness. So, when asked, I would make the products for other people. And after 4 years of extensive research and finding out what works best with different skin types...The Skin Society Company was born!

The Skin Society Company is your ultimate go-to place for all things beauty. Since it's debut in 2016, The Skin Society Company has been providing customers with a natural line of products at unbeatable prices!


We’ve got a full stock of handmade products. Stop by our online shop and browse through our wide range of beauty items. We look forward to your visit!

Brittney Scott

Owner & Founder of The Skin Society Company